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29 November 2019: Understanding Mac specifics
Like systemctl, but, Mac.
26 November 2019: Binaural Waves Privacy Policy
26 November 2019: Binaural Waves Support
24 November 2019: Working without Internet
9/10 WiFi access points suck.
23 November 2019: Returning to Wordpress
The wheel goes round (v2).
22 November 2019: Switching to zsh from bash
The wheel goes round.
20 November 2019: An uncommented guide to libvirt
Steady, steady.
17 November 2019: Refreshing your Debian install with debootstrap and LVM
Reaching feature parity with Windows.
16 November 2019: Creating a storage sandwich
How I think about my hard drives.
15 November 2019: nftables rules for LXD
LXD and iptables can coexist.
05 November 2019: Ruthless prioritisation
You're trying too hard when making decisions.
23 October 2019: New video: Firefox 70
I've created my first YouTube video explaining some basics around using LXD.
20 October 2019: Installing VSCode Open Source Edition
Code OSS is surprisingly easy to compile yourself.
14 October 2019: New video: Linux containers
I've created my first YouTube video explaining some basics around using LXD.
26 September 2019: Firefox new tab positioning behavior
A simple about:config change to make new tabs launch next to the current tab.
26 August 2019: VSCode Extensions
What I use to get comfortable in VSCode.
24 August 2019: About
My about page, now written in Markdown.
24 August 2019: RHCSA Exam Prep: Part 2: Essential Tools
These are my RHCSA notes.
20 August 2019: Red Hat Certified System Administrator Exam Prep: Part 1: Overview
Part 1 of the RHCSA prep series.
16 August 2019: Next steps after getting your Macbook Pro keyboard repaired
Follow these steps to avoid heartache when you get your MBP back.
16 August 2019: Upgrading to Debian 10 Buster from Debian 9 Stretch
A simple step by step.
10 August 2019: Vanity GPG keys
How I generate GPG keys with a specific SHA2 hash.
09 August 2019: (WIP) SystemD quick reference
A walkthrough of the commands I use most frequently with SystemD.
01 August 2019: Binaural Waves
Download my Binaural Waves app today.
30 July 2019: Configuring and integrating Nitrokey into your workflow
A quick guide on the venerable Nitrokey.
23 July 2019: (WIP) My development environment
How do I get my work done?
21 July 2019: Regenerative mental techniques
My thoughts on keeping the mental edge when working.
19 July 2019: Getting back up to speed with Linu
On returning to using Linux every day.
19 July 2019: Future of computing
Our future will be a multi-device commonality.
14 July 2019: Links
Share the enjoyment I've had on things I've watched, read, or listened to recently.
13 July 2019: Details of the Cloudflare outage on July 2, 2019

From John Graham-Cumming's post on Cloudflare's blog,

On July 2, we deployed a new rule in our WAF Managed Rules that caused CPUs to become exhausted on every CPU core that handles HTTP/HTTPS traffic on the Cloudflare network worldwide.

A very well written summary that actually acts as a pretty good advertisement for Cloudflare.

26 June 2019: Adding a new disk to an existing RAID on Linux
It's very easy if you're using RAID-1.
12 June 2019: Showing the commit version on your static site using serverless functions
A quick serverless example.
31 May 2019: Building my new home on the web
Understand why I began the project and weblog.

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