Updated » 2019-08-14 | Published » 2019-07-14

Here is a continuously growing list of things I've found interesting to watch, read, or listen. This page will grow over time, so keep an eye on the update date. Let me know if you enjoyed any of these or have anything interesting to share.



  • Down the rabbit-hole 2019: Google's security researcher Tavis Ormandy walks through how the seemingly innocuous can be a source of new research opportunities.


  • Patches carved into developer sigchains 2019: Konstantin Ryabitsev walks through a fascinating example of a hypothetical decentralised sneakernet that runs on secure scuttlebutt.
  • Files are fraught with peril 2019: A very thorough look at the why Dropbox only supported ext4 for a while and the difficulties of file creation.
  • IBM Knative: A Complete Guide April 2019: This written guide has been essential for me to quickly understand a lot of the Knative concepts and how they integrate into a Kubernetes system.