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14 Jun 2021

My Desktop
26 June 2008

When writing a blog for an audience, it’s important to establish an identity for your viewers. Since this is a technology orientated blog, I can think of no better way then by introducing myself with a screenshot.  AJ\'s Workspace (2008-06-25)

Over the next few posts, I’m going to break down this screenshot with descriptions and, of course, configuration tips and tricks.

25 June 2008


Welcome to my blog.

This is basically my effort to solve my dilemma: How do I keep track of various discoveries (you know, the little hacks and tricks you find after pressing random keys or trying different coding practices) in the event of a total computer crash? Well the answer is simple: let someone else take care of it.

Here, you’ll find a compilation of my various tips and tricks for life, school, technology, GNU/Linux, and many miscellaneous other things.

I hope it serves some useful purpose. In the event that it does not, at least I have a handy online reference of my own.

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