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28 Jul 2021

Building plkt.io
4 March 2019

I’m planning out my new website and homepage: plkt.io. It’s where all my posts will live on a static site that I’ll design and build myself. I’ll also be integrating services such as Gitlab, Discourse, and other interactive open source projects to make my website more inclusive. Furthermore, finances permitting, I’ll be providing a limited amount of bandwidth for sharing custom builds of various open source projects, such as Firefox, to be available for download.

This is a big step for me and the first time I focus on really building a website that truely represents me beyond my writing ability. It’s also the first time I use modern open source web stacks to build a mobile/desktop website.

I also plan to start streaming my coding sessions via Twitch and store recordings on this website. I really think interactive and public coding sessions are only going to become bigger in the future.

Stay tuned for more info and when the first draft will be pushed online.