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30 Jul 2021
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26 July 2009

Just a quick post but the readline library keybindings are very interesting –
you just don’t need the home|end keys anymore. For the uninformed, here’s the
excerpt I’m talking about (man readline):

Emacs Mode
Emacs Standard bindings

“C-@” set-mark
“C-A” beginning-of-line
“C-B” backward-char
“C-D” delete-char
“C-E” end-of-line
“C-F” forward-char
“C-G” abort
“C-H” backward-delete-char
“C-I” complete
“C-J” accept-line
“C-K” kill-line
“C-L” clear-screen
“C-M” accept-line
“C-N” next-history
“C-P” previous-history
“C-Q” quoted-insert
“C-R” reverse-search-history
“C-S” forward-search-history
“C-T” transpose-chars
“C-U” unix-line-discard
“C-V” quoted-insert
“C-W” unix-word-rubout
“C-Y” yank
“C-]” character-search
“C-_” undo
” ” to “/” self-insert
“0” to “9” self-insert
“:” to “~” self-insert
“C-?” backward-delete-char