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30 Jul 2021
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Alarms as timers
13 May 2020


It was an unusually overcast morning and the birds seemed to be reluctantly chirping, upset at the sun apparently missing its promised sun rise time.  While I was running, my alarm went off.  I realised that I was way ahead of my usual self – I had prepped breakfast, almost finished my run, and had solved a couple long standing issues at work; all while watching the clouds mope across the sky.

This made me realise – having the alarm wake you up at a certain time is all wrong.  Rather, it should be viewed as a timer by which you are ready to attack your day.  Let’s be honest to ourselves, who jolts out of bed with their hair already combed, coffee half drank, and laptop furiously churning through the results streaming in from that advanced SQL query you wrote 10 minutes ago?

Next time, I’ll try to have finished my run and already showered and dressed before the alarm goes off.