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30 Jul 2021
These articles have been archived. You may find them useful but I am no longer offering support for them. Check out my latest articles on plkt.io.
2019 Goals and Tentatives
9 January 2019

I’m not one to dive into too much detail about my personal, soft development goals but I do have some high level technical-based objectives for this website and myself for the remainder of 2019.

– Build a better landing page for this website that makes it simple to find an article that you’re interested in reading. This website contains over ten years of content and right now all people see is the latest post. Arriving at my page from a web search is OK but doesn’t lend to much appreciation of the site’s content.
– Gather some basic metrics about the site: time spent on each page, etc., without using Google. I already get the default Apache logs but this is really just for debugging page issues. As of now I don’t get many comments on my content so there’s really no feedback loop.
– Cover some AI/ML topics – explore using CUDA acceleration. I’m fascinated by the better approximations afforded by AI/ML and want to see if I can use this to generate a revenue stream.
– Dive deeper into Docker and K8s. Both are quickly becoming the gold standard for containerisation of applications and I would like to see them continue to grow. In some ways, however, I wonder if over usage of the two leads to poor optimisation and growing long term costs for an organisation even when you consider the collaboration benefits.
– Cover basic testing, CI, and CD practices. I have to acknowledge that code and testing now go hand in hand and so would like to become more up to date in this area.
– Optimise the site display on mobile. I don’t have analytics on this but I suspect that most people land here from mobile. The theme I’m using is outdated and doesn’t display well on a low end device.
– Contribute to Firefox – I’m concerned about the homogenisation of browser backends.
– Explore more media @ home solutions like Plex. My usage of YouTube has gone down over the years as I’ve acquired more boxsets and I’d like to watch the higher quality video on my local network instead of through YouTube.
– More posts around system administration. I consider myself an amateur system administrator and can rise to the challenge of most system administration problems. Usually this involves late nights crawling through obtuse documentation and programs not conforming to said documentation but I enjoy the challenge.
– Explore using a remote PC to stream gaming content over a local network. I enjoy my games but don’t like to use an entire PC just for gaming. So, I’d like to pass the graphics card to a virtual machine that can handle gaming on demand.

Let me know if you have any suggestions on the above.