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30 Jul 2021
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Next steps after getting your Macbook Pro keyboard repaired
16 August 2019

Keywords: macbook pro; keyboard repair; service programme; unshaky

So you just got your Macbook Pro back from the service centre after having it repaired for repeating keys? Here are the steps I followed to avoid this problem again.


First, I immediately purchased the following:

Once these arrived, I placed the USB-C covers in the sockets on the side of the computer. This should prevent dust from building up in sockets.

I gave the keyboard a thorough spray with the compressed air and, after confirming there’s no lint on the keyboard cover, placed it on top of my keys.

Second, I installed the Unshaky app available on GitHub. I did see some open issues with this version so consider starting from v0.5.3 if you use the US keyboard layout. Remember which keys caused you problems before and immediately set them to a 40ms delay. This should cover up the issue if it appears without you even knowing.

I was a bit wary about installing this app and giving it accessibility access so I forked the repository, restored it to commit be5d0d93e9ced97ee508a6d27db3ae0f5974d181^ (note the caret means commit prior to this one), and built my own version. This commit was before auto-update was added.

Finally, when plugging in the power supply at the wall end I made sure it was grounded to prevent sparks from occuring at the USB-C port and damaging the logic board.

Preventative care

You’ll want to spray down your keys weekly to make sure there’s no dust inside. (At least that is what Apple tells us.) Give the silicone cover a good spray as well when you do so.

While I’m grateful for the free keyboard service program, it’s the first time I’ve ever had a problem with a computer keyboard. Can you imagine buying an Amiga and having problems with the keyboard? I hope that when Apple returns to the scissor-switches that they provide that option as a repair for affected customers.

Once the keyboard service program expires – which I believe is four years after the purchase date – I’ll sell this laptop and pick up the latest Lenovo T3XXX series. By that time hopefully we’ll have 6 core CPUs with hyperthreading, 90Hz displays, at least 2K resolution as standard, with a 90 WHr battery.

Have you found other ways to prevent the keys repeating? Let me know on Twitter @plktio.